Not quite sure if Tendering University is right for you?

Here Are The A’s To Our Most Frequently Asked Q’s:

I don’t have time to learn tendering and I really don’t want to. Isn’t Tendering University just another burden I have to carry?

That’s cool – What are you going to do to change your current results? Tendering University is designed to show you how to win more tenders. You’re already an expert in YOUR business. But tendering is just not optional if you want your business to grow and you’re cutting your own flesh if you’re ignoring this fact. Tendering University is set up to give you only the information you need, in a format that makes learning and implementing easy and doable.

I want to: End My Tendering Nightmares

How many classes will I get?

You will get all of them! While there are more than twenty trainings currently available in the site. I don’t want you to be overwhelmed and get stuck by information overload. So I always suggest focusing on one class at a time.

I want to: End My Tendering Nightmares

Is there a monthly membership fee?

Your membership gives you twelve months ACCESS to all the classes and downloadable materials. It’s a once off fee!

I want to: End My Tendering Nightmares

Can I get my money back if I find I don’t have time to watch the classes?

No, this is a commitment for your business. You have access to the training for twelve months. Lets face it, would you give money back if I didn’t use the powerpoint you installed?

I want to: End My Tendering Nightmares

How often do you update the training?

Training is updated several times throughout the year. When ever I have more information for you.

I want to: End My Tendering Nightmares

How often do you add new trainings to Tendering University?

New classes are added several times throughout the year. Everytime I see a need to update, I do.

I want to: End My Tendering Nightmares

I’m looking for one-on-one help. Do you offer this service?

Yes! During the 6 week program, We offer weekly one-on-one tendering Coaching.

I want to: End My Tendering Nightmares

Who is behind Tendering University?

Chris Dennis is a tendering expert with over 20 years experience & CEO of Win Win Tendering. Chris has helped companies win well over a Billion dollars during her Tendering Career.

Win Win Tendering was born from her passion for making a difference in the world. She found her niche being small and medium sized companies – just like yours – the chance to compete with the ‘big end of town’.

Too often she saw smaller companies with better products and services, lose tenders – that could have saved millions for the end client.
Tendering University is a systematic guide to getting tendering right.


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